This Brand New Toy Improves Your Pets’ Health & Happiness… You Won’t Believe How Genius It Is

Find out why thousands of pet owners are rushing to get this intelligent new toy for their cats and dogs

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If you’re a pet owner, then you know just how much your dog or cat craves your love and attention. It’s easy to give them that when you’re at home.

But how can you make sure your pet feels loved and cared for when you’re away for hours at a time?

Don’t you hate the thought of them feeling alone and abandoned?

ActivePet is a US-based startup that’s created a solution for you to keep your pet engaged and happy all day long, even when you’re not at home!

Honestly, it’s quite genius...

What Exactly Is It?

The project started with a small group of passionate pet owners. They dreaded leaving their pets alone all day bored, lonely, and suffering from separation anxiety.

Most toys available on the market were boring for pets, or got destroyed from the very first bite. And none of the toys offered the same excitable, happy-go-lucky play their pets craved from being together.

So they made something different.

ActivePet Interactive Toy is an automated play ball that engages your pet in exciting, active play, just like you were there!

And because it’s 100% non-toxic and tear resistant, your pet can chew it up all day long without concern.

But ActivePet is a lot more than just an automatic throw ball.

It’s a smart gadget that taps into your dog’s natural hunting instincts, and keeps them healthy, active and never bored.

So, Why Are Pet Owners So Obsessed With It?

Every loving pet owner wants the best for their most valuable family member. But did you know that boredom and inactivity are some of the primary causes of destructive tendencies, depression and anxiety in pets?

ActivePet helps alleviate all of these symptoms. It gives your pup an easy way to stay active and healthy, even when you aren’t there.

With ActivePet you won’t get just a toy. You get the a peace of mind that your best friend is happy, engaged, and fulfilled in your absence.

How Does It Work?

ActivePet requires no human input. It’s totally hands free!

It uses intelligent motion sensors that activate the ball as soon as your dog touches it. Its smart programming chip will alternate between rolling and bouncing - making for a happy, exciting game!

But that’s not all! ActivePet's integrated awareness detector will keep the ball rolling for as long as your dog interacts with it. Once your friend is tired, the ball switches off and patiently waits for your pet to play again.

What Else Do I Get With My ActivePet?

The ActivePet is already lightyears better than any other pet toy. But the ActivePet team has gone above and beyond in packing it full of extra features for your pet:

Waterproof and Saliva Proof - ActivePet is easy to clean up and won’t get damaged from your pets’ saliva or rolling through water
USB-Rechargeable - Easy charging from any device with a standard USB port
Long-Lasting Battery - Just 1-hour of charging will give your doggo 8 hours of fun (while you’re at work!)
Never Gets Stuck - Built-in motion sensors will keep the ActivePet from getting stuck in unwanted places, like between furniture
100% Automatic Action - The ActivePet doesn’t need any help from people. Your pet can use it alone all day
Built To Last - Made from durable and tear-resistant elastic materials that won’t rip, even with strong dog breeds
100% Non-Toxic - The elastic is completely safe to bite. No dangerous chemicals
Cat Friendly - Not just for your dogs - Your cat will love chasing the ActivePet, too!
Snack Pocket - Put your dog’s favorite snack or some catnip inside the extra pocket for added excitement and joy

With the ActivePet, you can give your pet a friend that will keep them healthy, entertained and active while you’re away. You can always come home to a happy pup that is ready for your love and care.

What Does Everyone Else Say?

“My puppy is always so full of energy. She keeps coming around with her fetch ball asking to play. Now that we have the ActivePet Toy she is able to play while I’m working and I don’t have to break her precious little heart every time I am busy.” - Amy I.

“Our golden retriever tends to be scared of everything new in his environment. It takes him days to get accustomed to a new toy or even a piece of furniture. To our surprise, he was playing with the ActivePet in a matter of minutes. It’s like we got him an always-ready play pal!” - Jay W.

“This pet ball is so cool! Nothing holds my doggo’s attention for more than 5 minutes, but he keeps playing with the ActivePet until he is utterly exhausted. He can just start playing whenever he wants to and doesn’t need to wait for me to help. My sister left her cat with me while she was on a trip and she absolutely loved it too! Must-have pet toy!” - Robert C.

How Much Does It Cost?

What's your pet’s happiness and health worth to you? If you’re like most loving pet owners, there isn’t a price tag out there that you wouldn’t pay. And chances are, you’ve already paid at least $500 over the years on cheap, junky toys that get torn up after the first use.

Well, I’ve got good news for you.

ActivePet only costs $43. That’s already an amazing deal, right?

We thought so, too. Which is why we were floored to hear that the company is offering a one-time only deep discount of 50% OFF just for our readers! Now you can get the ActivePet for only $43.

That’s an incredibly small price to pay to have your best friend feeling happy, healthy, and loved all day long.

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How Can It Be So Affordable?

As a startup, ActivePet is able to cut costs where no big brand could possibly do. They save money on expensive imports of materials, manual labor, and massive office bills.

ActivePet is also sold exclusively online, so that they don’t have to give a cut to a big retailer.

All of this allows them to pass on these savings to every loving pet owner out there, like you!

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Should I Buy Now Or Wait?

You could wait, but the product is already catching on like crazy. Big social media channels are posting reviews and stock is quickly running out.

This is the perfect moment to get your pet the perfect companion. While stock will most definitely get replenished, the ActivePet will likely never get discounted this deep again.

Buyer’s Warning!

Please make sure you buy the ActivePet directly from the company. This is the only way to guarantee that you are getting the real high-tech product and not some cheap knock off. We have already seen stories of people getting a regular tennis ball for the same price.

Don’t fall for similar traps. Get the ActivePet from their official website here.

Saturday, June 5,  2021 Update - Shortly after this article was posted, one of the biggest pet-care social media influencers posted a review. As a result, hundreds of customers have made use of the limited time promo. So hurry up before this 50% OFF discount is gone and you have to wait for a new batch to be produced and need to pay full price.

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